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Kelly-Williamson Expert Rug Cleaning
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Rug Repair
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  Oriental and Persian Rug Repairs
  All of the persian and oriental rug repairs are performed onsite at our facilities in Lexington. We have a huge selection of rug pieces and rug edges to repair nearly all types of damage to your fine persian or oriental rug. Also, we have an extensive inventory of yarns and wools. Below are a few examples of our work.  
  Edge Damage Repairs  
  This rug had significant edge damage. We started by cleaning up the damaged area and then sewed in a matching edge piece and wrapped the selvage.  
Persian Rug Repair Persian Rug Edge Damage
Before After
  Repair of Worn Rugs  
  This Heriz had taken a significant amount of abuse. It was located in a conference room and was worn down to the foundation. We painstakingly added new wool to restore its beauty and prevent holes.  
Heriz with wear Heriz Foundation Repair
Before Wash and Repair After
  Runner Cut Down  
  Sometimes a runner is just too long, or in this case has holes. As you can imagine, the client got a great deal on this rug. We cut it down and sewed it back together to remove the holes and make it fit their space.  
Runner Cut Down Runner Repair and Cut Down
Before After